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We provide coverage of current developments in Libya, primarily in English and Arabic, from the perspective of the Libyan people living within the country as well as in exile.

We publish original statements from the Libyan tribes, the various branches of the Libyan resistance and human rights organizations.

As they are made available, we feature authorized translations of official documents and statements.

Exposing agents behind terrorism and interventionism is an essential component of accurate reporting on the ongoing war against Libya.

We favor articles and interviews that are the voices of the Libyan people over foreign commentaries and analysis; the exception being official statements from international bodies that are relevant to the historical record.

Many websites claim to offer factual news, but are in fact partial to imperialist propaganda, the glorification of the foreign intelligence-backed February 17th counter-revolution and the Muslim Brotherhood project of establishing a base of operation within Libya.

We stand with the Libyan people who are working as one to end injustice, impunity, oppression, terrorism and foreign occupation, with the aim of establishing a peaceful, prosperous, sovereign nation where freedom and human rights are enjoyed by all.

Jamahiriya News Agency

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