Violent Clashes Erupt in Tripoli Today

Jamahiriya News Agency

Violent clashes erupted in the capital Tripoli on Wednesday evening between the (OS) Government of Accord’s National Guard and National Salvation Government (GNC) militias.

Video: Residents report hearing explosions, sounds of heavy weapons, medium and light gunfire.

Video: A large military convoy entering the city

Meanwhile, the Libyan National Army reported on their Twitter account that the Misrata and junta troops have taken control of the second division headquarters.

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The fighting continues inside residential areas where random shells land near or strike homes.

There have been no protests from the UNSMIL condemning the violence or the risk this latest battle poses to the civilian population.

On social media there were unconfirmed claims that a delegation of elders from Tarhuna were in Tripoli to negotiate a ceasefire and seek a resolution to the conflict.