Muslim Brotherhood Murdered Hundreds of Libyan Elite Officers to Sabotage the Revival of the Legitimate Army After 2011

Alexandra Valiente
Jamahiriya News Agency

In light of events that have unfolded since 2011, comments from the former representative of Libya to the Arab League, Ambassador Ashour Hamad Burashed, confirmed what was common knowledge among the Libyan Resistance, Intelligence and Military – that it was always the goal of political Islam to maintain an unending cycle of chaos and obstruct the reconstitution of the legitimate Libyan army. The Muslim Brotherhood not only sustained their support for their armed militias and criminal gangs that have kept Libya locked in violent struggle, they sent assassins on a murderous campaign to eliminate all competent military personnel.

In Benghazi alone, the Muslim Brotherhood assassinated more than 500 elite officers.

He did not discuss the continuing assassination campaign against officers in Tripoli. Please see the following for more on this:

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Ashour Hamad Burashed added that the Presidential Council, which is Muslim Brotherhood, is entirely invested in protecting the Brotherhood’s militias and their terror networks. The Brotherhood is a powerful political organization with substantial wealth, which empowers and enables it to extend and maintain its sphere influence. It is his view that Libya is still dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood and that the Skhirat agreement contained a fatal flaw – legitimizing the Presidential Council, entrenching the Muslim Brotherhood’s rule over Libya.

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