LPNM Urge the People to Stand as One with the Libyan National Army

On January 25, following the victory in Ganfouda, the Libyan Popular National Movement issued this statement:

That statement  was followed by this commentary by one of their members;

Today, the LPMN address the continued confusion that prevails regarding their statements – a confusion deliberately created by outside forces who have a vested interest in maintaining a state of chaos through ongoing psychological warfare and is in no way based on fact or the reality of the situation.

Unofficial Translation:

The national movement positions stem from a deep understanding of the composition of the political situation in Libya, both domestically and internationally. We therefore urge all the people of Libya to demonstrate reverence for the sacrifices of their sons in the armed forces and to stand in solidarity with them and support them morally and materially until we achieve final victory over terrorism and the remnants of the February plot that destroyed our great nation and caused such profound loss and suffering among the Libyan people – men, women and children.


إن مواقف الحركة الوطنية السياسية والميدانية تنبع من فهم عميق لتركيبة الحالة السياسية لليبيا، داخلياً ودولياً، وهي تحث أبناء ليبيا كافة على الوقوف بإجلال لتضحيات أبنائهم في القوات المسلحة والتعاضد معهم ودعمهم معنوياً ومادياً حتى تحقيق النصر النهائي على الإرهاب وبقايا مؤامرة فبراير التي أنهكت الوطن الليبي والشعب الليبي رجالاً ونساء وأطفالاً.

In closing, I quote Dr Mustafa El Zaidi, who said,

The conflict in Libya is not a regional or tribal struggle, not even an ideological struggle between Islamists and liberals, but a psychological war imposed by the enemies of the homeland – a confrontation between the Libyan people and the colonialists and their agents.

Let this truth be clearly understood.

In unity and struggle until victory,

Alexandra Valiente

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