Qatar Sends Generators to its Agents in Tripoli

Editorial Comment:

Qatar was a major supporter of the NATO-backed 2011 war. Qatar not only funneled hundreds of millions to the “opposition” aka “foreign proxy armies”, but dispatched Western-trained advisers who helped finance, arm and train these terrorist militias. At least 5,000 Qatari troops were sent in to colonize Libya.

Qatar owns 49% of Libya’s state bank.

A former Qatari intelligence officer confirmed that the plot to assassinate Revolutionary Leader, Mu’ammar Al Qaddafi was hatched in Doha. (The Saudi Cables)

Two years after the murder of Mu’ammar Qaddafi Western intelligence and Qatar govern Libya.

Today, Libya remains oppressed and shackled by the Muslim Brotherhood project.

Alexandra Valiente
Editor of  Jamahiriya News Agency

English Translation:

After participating in the total destruction of Libya, the State of Qatar shipped two generators to a power station West of Tripoli (capacity of 60 MW) via the port in Tripoli, allegedly as ‘a gift to the people because they lives in total darkness’.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Libya
Translation  Jamahiriya News Agency


دويلة قطر بعد مشاركتها في تدمير ليبيا

ارسلت وحدتي توليد طاقة كهربائية بقدرة (60) ميجا وأت لمحطة غرب طرابلس إلى ميناء طرابلس هدية للشعب لانه يعيش في ظلام دامس.

الجبهة الشعبية لتحرير ليبيا

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