Syria: Liberation of Al Bab Will Ensure Aleppo Security

The liberation of the militant-occupied Syrian city of Al Bab will ensure Aleppo’s security in the future, senior member of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Council Rezzan Hido told Sputnik.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The news came after the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo were completely liberated by the Syrian army on December 16.

“Al Bab is adjacent to Aleppo. Thus, when the Syrian army takes control over the city, it will be able to notch up its success and provide Aleppo’s security in the future. There are currently fighters of the Free Syrian Army in the outskirts of Al Bab that may again attack Aleppo.”

The Kurdish politician also emphasized Russia’s crucial role in the liberation of Aleppo.