Interim Government Hails the Victories of the Army in Benghazi

Meena Sovjani
Jamahiriya News Agency

The interim government praised the successive victories of the heroes of the armed forces over the last bastion of terrorism in the city of Benghazi and demanded that the international community stand with the Libyan people and their heroic army by lifting the arms embargo in order to expedite the completion of this  critical mission which will positively impact national and international peace and security.

The interim government stressed their full support of the armed forces in the holy war against armed terrorist groups and placed all their resources at the disposal of the General Command of the Libyan Armed Forces “until we achieve a brilliant victory, freeing Libya from all forms of armed violence“.

The interim government appealed to the Libyan tribes to continue to stand behind the armed forces, providing social and moral assistance, and wished for the swift recovery of the wounded.

The Rulrhh area was fully liberated this morning while battles continue to free al-Kawarsha and Qunfudah.

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