Saadi Gaddafi’s Trial Postponed Indefinitely

Alexandra Valiente
Viva Libya!

The illegitimate, self-proclaimed Tripoli Court of Appeals has postponed the trial of Saadi Gaddafi indefinitely.

Given the current status of detainees in Al Hadba (Tripoli’s Guantanamo), this is indeed an ominous development. Saadi Gaddafi’s situation could not be more perilous.

Quoting Hisham Araab‘s statement regarding the brutal treatment of Al Hadba detainees and the murderous agenda of their captors,

“The detainees are subjected to the most horrible forms of torture and abuse to break their will and to demoralize them because their will surmounted NATO’s terrible, horrific campaign, and did not accept subjugation of the Libyan people, which NATO failed to achieve militarily.”

The US-UN-NATO- appointed Al Qaeda – LIFG client regime in Tripoli will continue to disregard the findings of the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention which called for the immediate release of all Al Hadba detainees, including Saadi Gaddafi in May.

With legal intervention and the intervention of human rights bodies no longer viable, the detainees are at the mercy of their tormentors. Their only hope rests in the people and the Libyan National Army.

The dictatorship in Tripoli must be brought down. The rule of law restored. Every prisoner set free.

Hisham Araab appealed to the Libyan people to intervene to end impunity against Dr. Dorda and all detainees;

Mr. Dorda is a hero of action not just speech. He is in need of a stand of veracity from a people that refused to be subdued, humiliated or aggrieved. Abu Zaid Omar Dorda himself, his family, and freedom loving peoples around the world must see, in the Libyans, a people worthy of the sacrifices and capable of revolution. The hero in his imprisonment can resist. Why cannot those who are free outside the prisons resist? Why they do not resist injustice?!

It is time for action. Time for justice. Time for the destruction of the foreign intelligence networks of terror in Libya and the annihilation of their bases of operation and their agents.

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