NATO Proxies Prepare for War to Regain Control of Libya’s Oil Crescent

Jamahiriya News Agency

During a November 2nd press conference,  Libyan National Army spokesman Ahmed al-Mismari exposed the unity government’s plan to attack the oil crescent.

“General Command are aware of the details of colonel Albergta’s plan to launch an assault on the oil crescent from the Jufrah base where remnants of terrorist groups are stationed.

The armed forces are ready to deal with any emergency or suspicious movements in the  Jufrah area.

The armed forces are stationed in the towns of Zintan and Alrajaban and the city of Aziziyah.  Our units roam the entire south-east and east-west and southern regions, including the Sudanese and Egyptian borders.”

The announcement came against the backdrop of Mahdi Albergta’s visit  to military sites in Al Jufrah district concurrent with his secret meeting with the Emir of Qatar.

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The GoA Ministry of Defense later admitted that Albergta’s visit to Al Jufrah was indeed to assess military infrastructure and establish a permanent headquarters there to wrest control of ports and oil fields from the Libyan National Army.  Albergta’s meeting in  Qatar was part of the coordination efforts.

The Libyan National Army seized the oil crescent in September and expelled militias in a swift, effective military operation in coordination with the Libyan tribes, and have since thwarted all attacks by terrorist militias. Their victory was widely celebrated across Libya and marked the beginning of the reclamation of Libya’s sovereign wealth and resources lost during NATO’s 2011 war.

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