US Extends Libya Operations

United States has extended its air campaign in Libya for a third consecutive month.  AFRICOM claims it conducted 175 airstrikes against Daesh in the past week.

The US Air Force launched its air campaign last month in Sirte, where Daesh continue to maintain their hold of the city, keeping GNA’s LIFG-Al Qaeda National Guard  forces at bay.

The abysmal failure of the GoA/USA coalition in Sirte stands in stark contrast to the victories of the Libyan National Army, under the legitimate government, the House of Representatives, against the same terrorist organizations, most recently, taking control of Libya’s entire oil crescent in an operation that lasted but a few hours.

While the Libyan people from across the country have protested the presence of foreign troops and made clear their opposition to US-NATO-AFRICOM conducting operations on sovereign Libyan territory, they have also held mass rallies  in support of Libyan Army, celebrating their victories.

Jamahiriya News Agency