What Dr Dorda Actually Said About Negotiations with the LIFG

Jamahiriya News Agency

Those promoting the current negotiations with terrorist organizations whose spokesman is the commander of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, Khaled Al Sharif, as a credible pathway to national reconciliation, constantly refer to the initiative as having the support of former “regime figures”, most of whom are detained incommunicado.

While a tremendous amount of propaganda centers on individuals and parties that support the “Forget September and February” initiative,  we see no invitations for media interviews with those who oppose it.

In June, Tunisian-based human rights advocate Abu Flames stated that the Muslim Brotherhood are behind all the terrorist militias and the root cause of the plague of terrorism in Libya today. There is deception and  psychological warfare at play to create the false perception that the Muslim Brotherhood’s unity government is restoring stability to Libya when it is not.

Following the Alruyemi prison massacres,Global Rally for Libya called for the support of the international community in rescuing all remaining detainees at Al Hadba,  as well as those in other detention centers under LIFG control, to prevent further killings.

Regarding the prisoners allegedly working with Khaled Al Sharif, we have seen no irrefutable evidence that anyone is participating in these dialogues free of threat to life or other forms of coercion (including trauma-based mind control).

If the detainees who represent the “former regime” are not subject to coercion,  why then must they remain behind the walls of Al Hadba, also known as Tripoli’s Guantanamo (after the US detention center famous for extreme torture, mind control experiments and radicalization of prisoners)? Why can they not speak to the public directly as free men? If they support the Doha meetings, why are they not allowed to attend?

There is also unfortunate disinformation about what Dr Dorda said and why he refused to be part of the “Forget September and February” negotiations.

The best account of his more recent views on the matter came through Dr. Ahmed Al Sharif following his release from Al Hadba in June.

“لمناضل الأستاذ أبوزيد دوردة ومن خلال أحد الأصدقاء الذين التقاهم مؤخراً في سجن الهضبة الذي تديره الليبية المقاتلة من خلال خالد الشريف يقول : لا صلح ولا تفاوض مع الذين خانوا العهد ، الذين قاموا بالمراجعات ” التقية ” في عامي 2007 / 2008 واستفادوا من العفوا واطلق سراحهم من السجون وهم الذين قاموا بأعمال ارهابية داخل ليبيا وخارجها وقامت دول اجنبية بتسليمهم بعد القبض عليهم وهم متلبسين بقضايا إجرامية وإرهابية وبعضهم جلب من معتقل غوانتنامو الشهير وقد واجههم وقال لهم لاثقة فيكم وماتحاولون جرنا إليه للأعتراف بكم لأنكم تعيشون اللحظات الاخيره وفشلتم في كل شئ وتريدون ان نعطيكم صك غفران لخيانتكم ونقضكم للعهود وهذا لن تحصلون عليه على الأقل مني انا بوزيد دوردة ، الذي خبرتكم وعرفتكم عن قرب في السابق وخلال هذه السنوات العجاف ، سنوات الجمر والدمار وانا الذي لم يبقى من عمري الا ماكتبه الله .”

Previously Dr Dorda courageously stated during court proceedings in June, 2012,

“I take responsibility for all that I have done for my country and I have no regrets for working for Gaddafi and if God is planning the same fate than so be it for death would be better than living and watching my country burn.

On May 21, 2015, Dr Dorda spoke in his own defense before the Tripoli Court of Appeals.

In December, 2015, a  letter written by Dr Dorda was released and published. We apologize that we have no translators who can make this important message available to the entire world.

Message from Dr Dorda – Page 1
Message from Dr Dorda – Page 2
Message from Dr Dorda – Page 3
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Message from Dr Dorda – Page 6

Dr Dorda’s heroic resistance, his refusal to surrender to terrorists who destroyed his homeland, that he would rather die than betray, is the highest declaration of patriotism, integrity and loyalty one can possibly offer as an example to others. For this, we honor him.


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