Washington Strengthens Support for Islamists in Libya

By Meena Sovjani
Jamahiriya News Agency

Vyacheslav Tatioukan, a member of the defense committee in Russian Parliament said that even if the United States had not intervened in Sirte, the position of the national reconciliation government would be precarious.  The Americans are doing everything in their power to support the government, which according to Sergei Lavrov, cannot even move to the capital Tripoli as they continue to hold meetings at a naval base on the outskirts of the city.

Vyacheslav Tatioukan

Vyacheslav Tatioukan

Regarding the battle for Sirte, Tatioukan said that American intervention attains three objectives: to support the government of reconciliation, weaken the position of the parliament in Tobruk and to show the world that they are fighting global terrorism.

Pentagon spokesman Gordon Troybrig confirmed the presence of US ground forces in Libya but insisted that US forces were not involved in combat, but were providing forces loyal to the government of reconciliation intelligence necessary for victory. The US Air Force began intensive raids on Da’esh positions in Sirte on August 1 at the request of the government of reconciliation.

The Libyan parliament denounced the American intervention in a statement issued on August 2, pointing out that US strikes on Sirte were to support the government of reconciliation which does not have the support of the Libyan people and is both unconstitutional and illegitimate.

The Russian Foreign Ministry stated that Russia has always advocated decisive action to eliminate Da’esh and other terrorist groups, wherever they are, but only in accordance with the principles of international law and that it is imperative that the US coordinate its efforts with other nations.

Libyan political analyst Abdul Aziz pointed out that to support the United States intervention on behalf of the  government of reconciliation will actually strengthen terrorist groups in the country.

Abdul Aziz song

Abdul Aziz

He added that the unity government is comprised of members of the Muslim Brotherhood and extremist Islamic groups,  and why it will never be recognized by the Tobruk House of Representatives  which adheres to the views and values of a secular parliament.

The American actions are solely in  support of  their neocolonial agents in Libya.