University of Sebha: Who Needs Oil When You Have the Sun?

University Of Sebha sheds the light on alternative energy sources

By Layla

A seminar was held on Thursday, 21st of July, 2016 at Language Center under the slogan “Alternative and renewable energy sources in Fezzan” where they reviewed the renewable energy sources that may exist in the south of Libya, such as the solar energy. This form of energy is abundant throughout the year, along with wind power, that can be used on a seasonal basis and other clean energy sources.

The organizers of the symposium aim to brainstorm with the participation of many experts and academics in an attempt to embody practical ideas of alternative energy sources in the south. They aim to overcome the crisis experienced by the South as a result of electricity honing, that’s linked to the northern central stations.

The seminar aims to support environmental sanitation in the south, taking into account the general conditions for projects that’s related to energy in order to preserve a clean habitable environment.
Partnership managers of the symposium are:

Alternative and renewable energy sources in Fezzan region – Dr. Jamal Mohamed Saket
Evaluating the efficiency of energy projects – Dr. Jamal Mohammed Al Saket
Education and training in the field of renewable energy – Dr. kasem Zein
Conversion of the solar energy method – Dr. Jamal Mohammed Al Saket
Financing and activating the solar energy system, and its household, agricultural, and industrial uses. – Dr. Qassem Zein
Proposed, and underway projects. – Prof. Ahmed Hussein
The development used in agriculture by renewable energy – Prof. Ahmed Hussein

The University of Sebha recently started some community activities to highlight its role as a think tank, and scientific platform in the city.

Translated by Fattoum