The Disregard for Human Life – The Love of Money and Power

Written by Abdel-Moneim Aljahaymi for Fezzan Libya
Translated by Fattoum

This is AL-Jadeed neighborhood in Sebha, it’s the birthplace of the Deputy Prime Minister in “Althini” government; Tahir Aliehiersh.

The member of Parliament; Mohammed al-Mahdi, the member of General National Congress; Abdulkadir Ahoili, the member of the Municipal Council; Dr. Ahmed Aljundi, and Ayoub Zarrouk, are all from this neighborhood.

The house of the 3 years chairman of Sebha’s local council drowns to become one of the lakes landmarks, as well as the houses of Abdulrahman AlBarrcoli Altyeb the head of Public works company,  Salah Shibl the administrator of the Hygiene company, and Mohammed ALmanaawi the former member of the National Congress.

All these political figures were born in this neighborhood, and grew up familiar to these scenes of sewage lakes flooding the streets.

It’s true that from the womb of suffering, hope is born, these sewage lakes didn’t stand in the way of their ambitions and their access to the highest echelons.