Revenge Attack in Zliten Over January Massacre Following TV “Confession”

Editorial Comment:

In the following report the “confession” states that the attack on Zliten was planned in Bani Walid.  This is not true. Quoting aljamahir,

Please note that the confessions contained in the official channel imply that da’esh is present inside Bani Walid and that Bani Walid is controlled by the organization. During the confession they mentioned events that allegedly occurred within the city such as the abduction of Mohamed Marian which further implies the presence of da’esh. The official channel that broadcast the confession operates from Tripoli under the authority of the Libyan Islamic fighting group and the Muslim Brotherhood .

Jamahiriya News Agency

By Ajnadin Mustafa

Angry residents in Zliten this evening destroyed the home of a local family following alleged confessions by three brothers that they were involved in January’s suicide bombing of the security training centre in the town which killed at least 60 people wounded another 200.

The confessions by the three Drewi brothers, aired on three TV stations, resulted in angry local residents heading to the family home in Zliten’s Al-Aghwailat area and blowing it up.

It is not known if there were any casualties or arrests.

The three had supposedly confessed to Tripoli’s Rada deterrence forces which earlier today announced that the confessions would be broadcast on the Rasmiya, Tobactus and Panorama channels.

Responsibility for the attack was claimed at the time by the so-called Islamic State (IS). The brothers admitted in the video that they were supporters of IS. They also alleged that the operation was planned in Bani Walid.

IS is believed still to have a significant presence Zliten.