Da’esh and the Militias that Fight them in Sirte are Two Sides of the Same Coin

Tunisian-based human rights activist, Younis Abu Flames, said that the fighting in Sirte against the terrorist organization da’esh is social engineering propaganda aimed at convincing Libyans that the militias leading the battles there are actually fighting against terrorism when they are not. Da’esh and the militias allegedly fighting them in Sirte are two sides of the same coin.

Abu Flames added that the Muslim Brotherhood are behind all the terrorist militias and the root cause of the plague of terrorism in Libya today. There is deception and  psychological warfare at play to create the false perception that the Muslim Brotherhood’s unity government is restoring stability to Libya when it is not. The government is illegitimate and does not have the confidence of Parliament, which represents the only legitimate Libyan authority recognized internationally. The unity government does not even control Tripoli given the recent massacres of detainees last Friday. It is clear that Tripoli is subject only to the rule of militias.

Jamahiriya News Agency