Sirte Report

June 6

Da’esh is back in the city and reopened its headquarters, including the Sharia court.

(Sirte: No Sign of Da’esh in the City Raises Questions About Reports Coming from Unity Government Militias)

Da’esh announced June 6, the first day of the month of Ramadan, that Taraweeh will be forbidden in mosques.

Armed clashes eased on the outskirts of Sirte while sporadic clashes between the GoA’s LIFG militias and da’esh continue south and west of the city.

Shortages of food, medicines and medical services prevail.

The population that were unable to leave the city live in circumstances of extreme duress.

Checkpoints have been re-established at intersections inside the city.

The presence of substantial numbers of foreign mercenaries within the ranks of da’esh is evident.

June 8

Since midday today warplanes are bombing the city center. Civilians report powerful explosions are rocking the city and grad missiles falling in residential neighborhoods.

Clashes continue between da’esh and the February 17th – al Qaeda – LIFG and Misrata militias south of Sirte.

Power outages are widespread throughout the city.