Sirte: No Sign of Da’esh in the City Raises Questions About Reports Coming from Unity Government Militias

Earlier reports suggested that the unity government militias were attempting to encircle Sirte, while airstrikes targeting da’esh resulted in many casualties among their ranks, yet many remain and  are spread throughout the city.

Another report, not sourced from Stratfor or the NATO-UN-backed government, claims there was no sign of da’esh in Sirte. Below are images taken at night and during the day by an anonymous resident. The city is deserted


13310632_567143316790304_4506171271535436307_nThe source of the images  asks if during Sunday’s meeting held in Misrata between Martin Kobler, Paolo Serra and GoA militia, whether they  planned moving da’esh out of Sirte to make way for the entry of militias in what would appear to be the liberation of the city, without any actual fight taking place. 

Given the connection between the al Qaeda – LIFG national guard created by Belhadj and al-Sharif and da’esh, and that the UN openly collaborated with al Qaeda and LIFG commanders, this is plausible.  Should these militias enter Sirte, effectively replacing d’aesh, the city will still need to be liberated from terrorists with a different brand name.





Jamahiriya News Agency