Liberating Tripoli

Fayez Serraj in Doha

Jamahiriya News Agency

Islamist head of the foreign-appointed presidential council, Fayez Serraj, arrived in the Qatari capital Doha on Wednesday as part of a tour that included meetings in the Turkish capital, Istanbul, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. He is seeking support from the leaders of these countries for the implementation of a UN Security Council resolution officially recognizing his regime as legitimate and the sole authority in Libya.

520913426That Serraj continues to lobby for recognition and a supportive resolution from the United Nations is evidence that the UN-instated government is indeed illegitimate.

While he continues to travel and work exclusively from outside the country, the House of Representatives have launched legal proceedings against the GoA to oust the de facto government. At the same time, the Libyan National Army is marching on Tripoli with intent to use military force to liberate it from the foreign-backed usurpers.

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