Khalifa Haftar Refuses to Work with ‘Unity Government’ Until Militias Disarmed, Dismantled

Jamahiriya News Agency

General Khalifa Haftar stated in an interview Friday,

“It would be unthinkable for eastern Libyan forces to join a UN-backed unity government until militias aligned to it have been disbanded”.

“We have no links with Mr Seraj and the Presidential Council which he leads is not recognized by the parliament. Regarding the unified command center set up to coordinate the liberation of Sirte, I would like to stress that Mr Seraj relies on militia and we refuse to cooperate with them. No army can unify with militias. These armed factions must be dismantled.”

“We are not fighting da’esh for control of the oil. When we fought in Derna, there was no oil. When we fought in Benghazi, there was no oil, as well as in Ajdabiya.”

“Da’esh does not have the capacity to face the Libyan armed forces, but the battle could take time. If the international community supports us, and I ask it to do so by lifting the embargo on weapons, then we could eliminate Da’esh in Libya definitively and quickly.”

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