Da’esh Escalating Executions in Sirte, Demanding Civilians Join the Caliphate’s “Jihad”

Jamahiriya News Agency

Like their presidential guard counterparts in Tripoli, da’esh are targeting members of the Libyan National Army. On Thursday, four Sirte youth accused of being members of the army were shot to death.

After Friday prayers, da’esh organized mass executions of youth charged with offenses punishable by death in accordance with their insane ideology, such as smoking and listening to music. Two boys were killed for bearing the al Qaddafi name.

Most executions by da’esh are public, to instill fear in the population. But there are numerous bodies of teenage boys and young adults found throughout the city who have been executed in private, vicious acts of revenge.

Many civilians have been forcibly disappeared, their whereabouts still unknown.

Since the beginning of military operations to liberate Sirte, Da’esh demanded that civilians join their “jihad” and increased pressure on parents to surrender their children for recruitment and training as child soldiers (cubs).
With Sirte and Misrata, including the coastal region, closed off, civilians that remain in Sirte are trapped, without hope of escape.

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