Martin Kobler Collaborating With Da’esh, Libya’s New Rulers

Jamahiriya News Agency

On Wednesday evening, UN envoy Martin Kobler, held a meeting in Istanbul with militia leaders from Libya.

Attendees included the notorious Abdel Hakim Belhaj, al Qaeda commander.

Other Islamist militia leaders present were:

Hafed Gaddour of the Coalition of liberal forces,
Rufadi Abdallah of the National Front,
Jamal Ashur of the National party,
Abdel Mona Fageh of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The significance of the location of the meeting will not be lost on well informed readers – one of the headquarters of the global Gladio network of terror.

All power brokers in attendance are guilty of treason, terrorism, war crimes, crimes against humanity and ongoing human rights violations.

Had Martin Kobler not surrendered to his compulsion to boast on his twitter account, this information would never have been made public.

Let no one be deceived about what is really happening in Libya or be duped into believing there is any legitimacy to this new “government of accord”.

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