Faraj Muftah: “Al Qaeda militias open fire on civilians in Tripoli”

Part I: Tribal Spokesman, Faraj Muftah: Libya is in anarchy as US – NATO backed terrorists reign

Al Qaeda militias open fire on civilians in Tripoli – Faraj Muftah
On November 15th, 2013 there were panicked reports coming out of Tripoli that the Misrata militia and al-Qaeda groups had begun to open fire on peaceful demonstrators. The almost non-existent government in Libya is apparently completely unable to maintain order in the country which has effectively been taken over by terrorist groups. We spoke to James and JoAnne Moriarty, representatives of tribal nations of Libya and Faraj Muftah, a tribal spokesperson for the tribes of Libya about the situation in Tripoli.

This is John Robles, you are listening to an interview with Faraj Muftah.

Robles: Can you please tell our listeners what’s going on in Tripoli? Who started the violence there?

Faraj: Today militias from Misrata attacked the civilian people who are living in Tripoli and who organized a peaceful demonstration against militias, Muslims Brotherhood, al-Qaeda.

The Muslim Brotherhood attacked the people by weapons, they killed more than 30 have been killed now, more than 120 have been injured. This is the real story, the truth.

Robles: Is the Libyan government doing anything? Is the Libyan army doing anything? Are there any security forces?

Faraj: There is no army, there is no security, there is no any kind of the regime in Tripoli at the time. There are puppet members of the government who are barricaded in a hotel and are not able to do anything. They are in what is like the “Green Area” in Iraq.

Robles: You say there is no Libyan police forces, there is no Libyan army forces in Tripoli anymore?

Faraj: Yes. There are only militias.

Robles: We have reports that Libyan officers, ex-officers were being assassinated by al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups. Are you saying that all the officers and former Libyan army officers, that they’ve all been killed? Or where are they?

Faraj: Yes, they’ve been assassinated and military has been killed by terrorist groups. There is the proof, they will kill military officers, they are not afraid of anyone.

Robles: So, you are telling me now in Tripoli there is no more military, there is no officers, there is nothing left.

Faraj: Yes, this is the truth. There are no officers, there is no military, there is no police. Only militias from Misrata and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Robles: I see. The Muslim Brotherhood that is in Libya right now – are these the same groups, are they the same people that were in Egypt?

Faraj: Yes, these are the same people and they have good connection between them. And members of the Muslim Brotherhood from Egypt have come to Libya.

Robles: Are there any United Nations representatives on the ground there? Are there any observers or anybody in Libya that you know of?

Faraj: No. There are no any human rights organizations in the region, there are no any security guards, because militias kill the foreign people.

Nobody cares about Libya and we are not safe from anyone.

They will kill all foreigners in Libya. We do not hear from anyone. There are not any foreign representative, nobody from America, from western countries.

And we do not hear anything trough the media. Where is Al-Jazeera, where is Al-Arabiya, where is CNN, where is BBC, where is Russia Today?

In 2011 all these channels reported that Libya is not safe (unintelligble) Libya is in trouble, from yesterday night militia in Misrata killed the people.

Nobody cared, nobody called, nobody asked, nobody see, nobody reports.

We need from the world now to know that the civilian people in Tripoli are suffering from militias, from Misrata, from the Muslim Brotherhood.

Robles: Are there any foreign embassies or foreign bodies operating still in Libya in Tripoli?

Faraj: Most of the NATO countries are still working in Tripoli we are sure this is just for a short time..

The terrorist groups reported that they would kill all the foreigners.

We call our friends, our brothers in Russia andf all the free people and all the honest people to help us, to protect us, to help us let us do something against militias and against terrorist groups on the ground of Libya. Because we will be able to do that if we can get any help from foreign countries and our friends especially Russia and China.

Robles: Where is Ali Zeidan and the supposed government right now? Where are they?

Faraj: There is not government, there are groups of puppets from western countries, for Germany, for the USA, for CIA – these groups are working for their services to collect a lot of money and to steal Libyan money and then they will run away.

Robles: Where are they now? They should be on TV, they should be on state media.

Faraj: No, they are afraid. They are still at Rixos Hotel, that’s in closed area with the security and with foreign security (CIA, Germany, I don’t know exactly which countries protect them). They stay inside of the territory, closed.

Robles: You said 13 people have died, right?

Faraj: More than, this was from three hours, more than 30 people have been killed, there are more than 130 injured, they are at risk.

Robles: Who authorized these militias to start opening fire on civilians?

Faraj: Nobody. They don’t need to be authorized. They did this with the assistance from Misrata. Misrata tries to have the control of all the country the Libyan people will not allow any city to lead the whole country.

Robles: Is this a Shia group or a Sunni group or a foreign group? Who are these people from Misrata?

Faraj: This is militia Muslim Brotherhood from many countries, from Yemen, from Afghanistan, from Tunisia, from Egypt, from Muslim Brotherhood and all terrorist groups in Egypt. They are working together. They don’t need any permission.

They are all in Misrata, this is the main center of al-Qaeda.

Robles: Is that possible that Libyan people could get assistance from the other countries in the Middle East? Is that possible the Egyptian army could assist in Tripoli?

Faraj: Yes, they have interest to work with us in order together to clean our countries. We are neighbors, we are brothers, we are family. The Egyptian military is ready to help.

Robles: How many of these al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood terrorists are there in Libya right now?

Faraj: More than 7-8 thousand between in Tripoli and Misrata.

Robles: What about in all of Libya?

Faraj: Approximately 7-8 thousand in (each group) in different places, in Tripoli and Misrata, these are foreign people, these are not Libyan people.