Libyan Popular National Movement Communiqués

As revolutionary Pan-Africanists, we must give unwavering support to the Libyan Popular National Movement, the natural heir of the Al Fateh Revolution.

I published the most recent Communiqué from The Libyan Popular National Movement on July 23, 2013.

Prior to the release of the Communiqué, Voice of Russia conducted an interview with one of the movement’s members:

Following their initial declaration, they have been confronted with reactionary attacks from opponents as well as wide support from people living in Libya. This has presented the LPNM with an opportunity to engage the Libyan people and the world at large in constructive dialog.

I will republish additional statements as they are released.

These critically important declarations are historical documents; a continuation of Libya’s revolutionary legacy.

*If you republish these Revolutionary Declarations, please respect the Libyan Popular National Movement by publishing them in their original form including live links to:

They are in the process of establishing a powerful media presence, opening an official news agency and television network.

Alexandra Valiente
Editor of Libya 360°, Viva Libya! and Jamahiriya News Agency