Important Notice to Readers of Jamahiriya News Agency and Viva Libya

I have been honored to assist in the struggle by providing a space that features the voices of the Libyan people. My central focus has always been the publication of official statements from the

  • Libyan Tribes
  • Various Branches of the Libyan Resistance
  • Libyan Human Rights Organizations
  • House of Representatives
  • Libyan National Army
  • Articles from Libyan Journalists, Political Analysts and Activists
  • Interviews where Libyans Discuss or Debate Current Issues and Explore Viable Solutions

For over six years I have covered every development related to human rights, advocated and campaigned for Libya’s political prisoners and maintained regular status updates on detainees on Viva Libya!.

It has been a pleasure assisting in restoring websites lost through NATO’s war on Libya.

My only regret is that I was unable to do more. It has been a solitary project that received no funding, which greatly limited both its potential reach and my ability to make translations available to the thousands of readers who asked for them.

With the founding of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Libya and the launching of the new official state news agency, JANA, I formally cease publication on Jamahiriya News Agency and Viva Libya!, and refer readers to the news agency that is both endorsed and run by the movement.

If you would like to read the news from Libya in other languages, please submit a request to JANA:

With Deepest Respect and Revolutionary Solidarity,
Alexandra Valiente
Editor of Jamahiriya News Agency |
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